"Sue, It may not have seemed like a big deal to you but it was to us! You were so patient in ensuring we were apprised of all possibilities. It was such a joy having you represent us! Thank you for being so generous in your scrutiny of our property and for your enthusiasm. We so appreciate your skilled guidance and encouragement. You were such a wonderful help to us, making this process so easy - thank you so much!"
N, A, N, D
"Murray and I wanted to express our gratitude for all your hard work on selling our home and bringing it across the finish line. The kindness, professionalism, and caring we received throughout the process were so appreciated. You guys are the very best at what you do and we appreciate each one of you. Sincerely,"
H & M
"Sue, with sincere appreciation and warmest thanks... we can't thank you enough for going over and above for us on the sale of our home. You dealt with everything in such a professional, efficient and re-assuring manner, even during a pandemic! We had absolutely no concerns or worries with you leading the way. With our gratitude,"
L & R
"There is no adequate way to express my gratitude and appreciation for all you did to help me structure our lives to ensure our family can survive as a family. You devoted yourself totally, and to the point of exhaustion, to achieve by an incredible act of personal generosity an inspired and creative solution. I will always be deeply grateful. With affection and respect,"
J, R & B
"We loved working with Sue and Morena when we were house-hunting. They always respond quickly, and are friendly and professional. We knew we would make the right decision thanks to their deep knowledge of risks. They even talked us out of a couple of properties that wouldn't have been right for us, it's great to know your agent is interested in your needs more than their commission. We love our home - thank you Sue and Morena!"
“Searching for a house with Sue was enjoyable and stress free. Her enthusiastic engagement of the process and her hard work helped us find our dream house. Sue was never pushy and we knew that our best interests were her priority. Without hesitation we recommend Sue to anyone looking for a real estate agent.”
K & J
"Lovely ones, Just wanted to send you both a quick note to thank you so much for making the sale (and purchase) so effortless. As you can well imagine, we are thrilled with the outcome and cannot WAIT to start the next chapter in our new residence! You guys are so so easy to work with. Thanks for being our champions and making sure that we got a great deal. Your guidance was so necessary and welcome. We could not have done it without you.
Much love,"
R & K
"We learned about Sue from two friends whom we think very highly of. Two people who are very well-regarded in the community. Both had impressive stories of Sue’s dedication and kindness.

From our first meeting, we knew we had the right broker. Sue came to our home for an initial meet and greet and meticulously determined our needs and interests, and our limitations. From there she maintained an intimate understanding of us, only adding to it as we got to know each other better during many many house visits.
During the long search -at a horrendous time in the market- Sue and her partner Morena worked for us tirelessly, aggressively, never pushing us past our comfort level, always available and eager. Sue’s ridiculously knowledgeable about all aspects of her job from the ground up, she’s a passionate, committed advocate. and funny and thoughtful at just the right times, making a stressful time much easier to bear.

Finally, we found the house we wanted during a visit with all our four kids! We and one other couple made an offer on the house immediately, and negotiations began that night as we were all having dinner. It was an absolute nail-biter, Sue called with updates several times during the 2 hours of negotiations.
Somehow Sue learned that the home owner was a friend of a friend of mine. Sue worked that tenuous connection -talking us up- to the point where the home owners ended up gladly giving us the house, even though the other couple’s offer was slightly higher. I will never forget that finesse.

We’re in our dream house now, thanks to Sue, and I can honestly say that I call her a friend. We stay in touch and she’s surprised us with a number of very generous follow-up gestures.

I can’t recommend Sue highly enough."

"With one piece of paper, my much-pregnant wife and I were left scrambling to figure out our future.

An eviction notice? How can that be? We were, for all intents and purposes, the perfect tenants—never missed or late with rent payments and we never received any complaints from neighbours or our landlord. But despite that, we found ourselves with 60 days to find a new home.

Hayley and I had lived the nomad-type life for years. As a former journalist, my career took us all over Ontario, so renting fit our lifestyle. We knew it wasn’t a permanent solution, however, and had been saving up over the past three years for a down payment.

So, although it was forced upon us, the timing couldn’t have been more fitting to leap into homeownership.

We, like most millennials, didn’t know where to start. With so many steps to consider – banks, lawyers, inspections – we knew we couldn’t do it alone and, after seeking recommendations from friends and family, chose a REALTOR® to help us get started.

It was a perfect match. Our REALTOR® understood our time restraints and considered the needs of our growing family. More importantly, we had the reassurance of a trusted professional on our side who was able to keep our emotions in check.

We visited dozens of open houses, scheduled even more showings, yet nothing felt quite right. Were we being too picky? Could we afford to wait to put in an offer? What if the perfect house didn’t pop up?

I remember the exact moment I felt confident our REALTOR® was just as invested in finding a home for us as we were. We had finally submitted an offer on a house we thought was the perfect fit. We went to bed feeling good about our higher-than-expected offer, but woke up to devastating news. With four weeks to go until we needed to be out of our apartment, our offer had been declined. That’s when our REALTOR® called me, knowing we’d be left feeling defeated.

“Do not worry, guys. I have my whole team looking out for you and we will get you into a home.”

Those words stuck. I felt reassured and reenergized to get back into the game. This woman, who I had only known for a few months, was so devoted to us, we often found ourselves asking the question, “What’s the catch?”

Low and behold, several days after our rejection, a house in the neighbourhood we dreamed of living in became available. It was perfect; it was everything we could have hoped for in a starter home. The caveats being it was slightly over our budget, the sellers weren’t using a real estate agent, they didn’t want to deal with anyone who was using an agent and the market was hot.

Our REALTOR® was un-phased and told us, “Leave it to me.” Next thing we know; we’re doing a whirlwind tour of the home just hours after seeing the listing. We’re the first ones in and tell the homeowners to expect an offer that night. Our REALTOR® and her team made Hayley and I feel we were top priority. They advised us how much to offer, how to expedite the process and what to ask for without scaring the sellers.

By the end of the week, we got word we were about to become homeowners. It was the greatest relief and feeling of accomplishment I think I’ve ever felt (other than not passing out at the altar and finding out I was going to be a dad).

I know for sure we would still be renting and left feeling stuck in the game of life if we had tried to do this all on our own.

Because of this experience, our REALTOR® now has a client for life."
H & M
"Dear Susan, After much searching and many interviews, we opted for your services as our real estate agents based on many points. And now that our house is sold, we are very happy with our decision - as you came through in every aspect!

As seniors moving out of a home we've owned for 50 years, we relied on your guidance, knowledge, and support through every step of the process.

The extra help and advice did not go unnoticed, as you always had a contact to share, and willing to help with anything - and we sure had a list! Your hand holding was very appreciated.

Your experience was extremely beneficial when selling day came, and we are lucky you were there to steer us accurately and confidently.

We would have no second thoughts referring any friends or family to your services, as we are very satisfied with your abilities, and how you lead us through this stressful process.

Thank you so much for caring."
F & G
“Laurie and I would like to thank you all very much for helping us to sell our house. Truly amazing to watch you all and to see not only the hard work you put in to get this done but the professional manner in which it was done. It has been a true pleasure working with you.”
“We could not have done it without you Sue. We feel very fortunate to have had you as our first Agent. We will be giving you a call to help on our next house, and I will be throwing your name (with a high recommendation) at anyone I know who's planning to purchase a house.”
E & S
"“We want to thank you and your team for your great work in selling the above-noted property. As you noted, this was the third property you have handled for us and, as with the two previous sales, we were stunned at the speed and ease with which you sold this house. Your advice and guidance were invaluable and, in the beginning, we could not have imagined that we would have had multiple offers above our asking price in just a matter of days. Your expertise in setting the asking price and marketing the property was essential to our success. It was a long and difficult process we had to navigate emptying the house and preparing it for the market and you made the whole process easier. We also enjoyed the bidding process sitting with your manager and speaking with him as the offers came in. Everyone working in your brokerage was efficient and pleasant and we never felt any pressure to change our expectations. We have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone and would gladly serve as a reference should you require it."
Yours truly,
E & P
"My agent provided the best possible service I could have wished for, couldn't recommend her more highly!"
"We want to thank you so much for all your help with our recent sale and purchase. We appreciate you so much. As usual, you went the extra mile keeping us informed and taking care of all the details with professionalism and kindness Thank you for the hand-holding, the advice, the connections with other professionals, and for stepping in with the house cleaner so we could concentrate on moving. We felt so well taken care of. Thank you as well for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent us to help celebrate our new home. We absolutely love it here and it feels like home already. You all are the absolute best at what you do and wonderful people as well. Sincerely,
M & H
"I just want to pass on how amazing you ladies have been! It's been a really disappointing time for me and my girls in the past 7 months living in this temp place and you are making this experience really great. The service you are giving me is above and beyond. Shandeigh, you are on 24/7 !! When i send an email i expect to hear from someone in 2-3 days you answer me right away! It's unheard of. Thank you so much ladies" 
"Sue, despite her very busy shcedule, is always reachable. She leads her team by example, excelling in customer service. She is looking out for her client and will dig into various aspects of a sale to look at things you may not even be aware of. She is extremely knowledgable and works with you throughout the process. I highly recommend her!"
"Sue Dunton is the most responsive agent I ever worked with with over the years of buying and selling my homes. She is a good listener and works with ALL your limitations. She is personally committed to finding the best fit for us. She found us short term rental when we could not find a home in the time frame we needed to relocate. She moves mountains to create success for her clients".
"Sue and her team were given a tough task to find us a house in a short amount of time. Throughout the whole process, I felt like her only client even though I know she had a ton on the go. We wouldn’t be first-time homebuyers without her and her team looking after us. I can’t recommend her enough."
"Sue, thank you!! We know that you worked so hard to 'seal the deal' for us, and we can't thank you enough. You and your team were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we wish you nothing but continued success. Forever grateful."
B, B & B
"Dear Sue and your amazing team, we just want to say thank you to each and every one of your- All of you have b een nso helpful and supportive to us. Just want you all to knonw that your support and kindness meant a lot to us, and we really appreciate it!"
H & T
"Sue,- Thank you so much for being our guide, expert, friend & confidante through our crazy COVID-19 house buying journey. We feel so very lucky to have had your support- your readiness to go above and beyond is just amazing, and you always keep smiling! We thought you might get some amusement out of a walk down memory lane- houses we offfered on or agonized over, over the last 18 months. You truly deserve this little token of appreciation and so much more: Our house was a rare find, but you are the real gem! Thank you!!!"
L & P
"Dear Sue & team- Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are not enough words to string together to express our gratitude for you! Thank you for taking the time and patience to walk us through this big, exciting chapter of ours. You were so helpful throughout the entire process and made the experience so enjoyable for us! We're so excited about our new neighbourhood and can hardly wait for all of the memories to come! Your ROCK !!!
The new homeowners!
"I wanted also to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did to guide us through the sale of my mother’s property.  Much of what I have had to deal with for my mother has not been easy.  I thought selling Mom’s house would be another of those difficult things but thanks to you the process was not anything as bad as I had anticipated.My greatest apprehension was having to conduct the sale as a Power of Attorney and also to deal with things from out of town.  From the first time I spoke with you on the phone you gave me great assurances that you were quite prepared to deal with those things and suddenly the process became a lot less worrisome.  The pre sale home inspection and the “as is” clause were brilliant ways to deal with the fact that I had not been living in the house and really wasn’t gong to be aware of some of the details regarding the house. And the crazy market not being anything like we had experienced before, you really did a great job guiding us through all of that both in the preparation of the house for the sale, price and then dealing with seven offers. Your presentation on the day of the multiple offers was excellent and made the decision clear and easy to navigate.Your attention to detail was much appreciated in everything you did and in all of your communication with us! Also, you were always quick to respond to all my calls, texts and emails.  You never left me hanging.  I am juggling a lot of balls these days with my Mom so this was very much appreciated.You went above and beyond in all your offers of assistance in ways that had to do with more than just the sale of the house.  All of it was very much appreciated"
"Dear Sue and team-- Thank you for all of your work and friendly assistance with our first ever house hunt! We have truly appreciated your wise 'homing instinct' ! "
K & J
"I had an excellent experience working with Ghalia. She's organized, persistent, and communicates very well. Thank you! "
"We had the pleasure of working with Sue and her team in selling our home. The level of service and care provided exceeded our expectations in every way. Their expertise and knowledge were invaluable during the unavoidable stressful process of buying and selling real estate. Sue and Morena have a remarkable ability to make you feel like you are their top priority at all times. We cannot recommend them enough."
C & I
"Good morning Sue and Ghalia, Thank you for the effort you put into selling our home. It was impressive and most appreciated. Your approach and the extra service you provided went beyond what was first expected. The personal assistance and access to other services helped a lot with our apprehension , especially when the wheels fell off on the first showing. We had a good sleep last night no doubt because of the big SOLD sign that greeted us when we returned home last night. Take care and best wishes to you in your future transactions . Feel free to use us as a recommendation if you feel it might be of value."
J & J