Meet Pamela Stewart: A REALTOR® with a Unique Skillset

Ever since she was a girl growing up in Ottawa, Pamela Stewart has been fascinated with the process of making a house a home.

For instance, she fondly remembers accompanying her dad to Beaver Lumber for all sorts of home renovation projects.

“I just loved being a part of it all and always dreamt of one day being able to create a dream house for myself,” she says.

It was a passion that never fizzled away and now, after a 30-plus year career working in forensic science with the RCMP, Stewart has fully embraced a shift into real estate.

“I was ready for a change and to get back into something that has always interested me,” she says, mentioning how a lot of her skills—although might not look transferable at first glance—are applicable to her sales representative role. “I did 20-plus years in management, working closely with people and clients who all had their own asks and roles. I had to be good with people, manage multiple projects and approach all tasks with a high attention to detail.”

Welcome to Dunton Team

Pamela moved to her home in Old Ottawa South in 2020 and quickly became acquainted with her neighbour, Sue Dunton. After learning she was a long-time successful REALTOR® in Ottawa, things were starting to align for Stewart’s new career path.

She obtained her real estate license through Humber College and leaned on her new friend for advice.

“Honestly, Sue is the best. She’s been a mentor to me in every way, encourages me any way she can, and joining her team has been wonderful. We all offer something a bit different, but the same amount of drive and genuine passion to help clients get their dream home is present among us all.”

Describing the first few months as a “whirlwind” helped get her initiated into the hot Ottawa real estate market and within no time she was taking everything she learned and combining it with her already vast housing knowledge.

“I think the thing that separates Dunton Team apart is how we aren’t here to help you on a quick sale, we want a lifetime client—and that comes in a variety of ways,” Stewart says. “Sue has always had that reputation and I think it’s the right approach to take, especially with people who are trusting you to help them with one of the largest transaction of their lives.”

Looking Ahead

It’s hard to say how Ottawa’s real estate market will react after a record-breaking 2021. Seasonal housing markets are being blended throughout the year, lack of supply is a major concern and because of that, prices have skyrocketed.

Stewart empathizes with first-time home buyers—especially since she has adult children of her own who are feeling the effects of the Canadian housing market.

“It’s not uncommon for homes to go for $150,000 over asking, and it’s so disheartening for some of my younger clients.”

However, as she points out, government programs and rebates –like the Home Buyers’ Plan and the GST/HST new housing rebate—can help consumers get into homes much faster than they might think.

That’s how Pamela and the rest of Team Dunton operate: they help empower you, give you all relevant information and work on your side.

“Ottawa is the best little big city in Canada and we have every kind of home from tiny prefab to big mansions. If you want to live here, we’ll help make that a reality.”


Quick Hits with Pamela Stewart

What is a client getting if they choose you to be their REALTOR®?

“Honesty and integrity. I’m a people person and I don’t want to let you down. I want to be someone you can count on when the stakes are high, because it’s something I’ve always exceled at.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I live right by the water in Old Ottawa South, so I love to kayak and get out as much as I can, which has been a good activity to do throughout the pandemic and lockdowns.”

Are you involved in the community?

“I foster kittens and help cats find their forever homes. I’ve been doing that for more than 10 years, so I guess you can say no matter what I do I’m in the business of finding homes!”

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